Jet Update 5/11/21

Adding textures to the jet was surprisingly easy for how complicated it looked. You have have to know where everything has to go like metalness, roughness, and the colors. The thing that troubled me the most was the the flag at first because the colors weren’t what they were supposed to be.

Maya Update 1/20/21

Monday I started with the Mini Man modeling and I turned out really well. It’s actually pretty fun making this model since I’ve barely learned¬†how to use¬†Maya. It all started out from one cube and a bunch of extrusion and scaling later I have what looks like a person.

On the left is what I had Monday and on the right is what I had today

Maya Beginning

Today I watched “Getting Started with Maya” and here is what I learned.

Here I’ve learned out how to create more objects than just one square on the modeling field. I was also able to edit all of them, making them different sizes, changing their rotation, and even changing the color.

In this part of the lesson I was able to edit faces, edges, and vertices using the component mode. I was also shown about NURBUS objects, using the attribute editor, and the outliner window.

At this point I learned how to Parent objects, groups and meshes. It’s funny how meshes are just a group inside a group.

Module Update 7-10 12/4/20

Module 7: Getting started with the final render wasn’t as hard as I thought. Getting started on adding the satellite and atom wasn’t as hard as I thought, just adding them there was enough so I can edit the animation later was enough. The “Robotics Around the World” text was easy to add because there’s no animation to it. Its just white text over a white background so it looks like it’s moving.

Module 8: Adding the sphere was actually pretty easy. The Sphere effect really just does it for you. Making it move is just adding a keyframe with a degree of zero and it starts moving after that. The robomantics logo was just adding masks beneath the eyes and mouth to make them appear like it’s coming through the head. It’s also the same thing with the text at the bottom.

Module 9: Everything else has now been added and all I need to do is polish the animation itself for the final render. I might tweak a bit of the rocket, robot, and atom animations but I’m not sure. To me everything seems about ready to render. That’s pretty much it.

Module 10: I was able to finish the main Robomantics. Honestly my favorite part was animating the atom because it looks really cool and it took a while to make the paths for it. The hardest part was making the robot because of all the parent paths for each part of the robot had to be correct or else the animation would mess up, I actually changed the animation for the rocket because it didn’t feel right it just going up, instead I changed it to where the rocket would hover in front of the camera a bit then fly off which felt better. Adding the strokes for the circles and the other object was pretty easy because it was honestly just making parts of it appear when it needs to.