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Victor Diaz

I am a graphic designer/Animator in the workings. I’ve used Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Animate, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premier Pro as well as plus a few 3D programs including Blender and Maya. I love using my skills to create beautiful graphics for smash PR’s. You should follow/work me because I’m always going to put all my effort into everything I do, the last thing I want is a rushed project with many mistakes.

About Me

I’m Victor, a student at Little Elm High School striving to become a better animator and Graphic Designer. I’ve never been into making graphics or animation until I went to high school. It really opened a whole knew door to me when I found out that my school has an elective in them. I’ve been taking it for almost 4 years and I’ve loved every second of it.

Update 2/25/20

Monday we started working on the arms and legs of the robot and it went pretty well.

Today we have finished the Robot and made it onto a single object so we can move it around while still being able to edit every single limb of it.

Here’s a render of the Robot